People accomplish amazing things at work

We at Persy are reinventing office furniture for modern open plan offices so that people can achieve even more in them.

We design, engineer and build affordable private spaces. We make it easier and more enjoyable for people to work in their workplaces.

Born from a lack of Silence

Persy Booths is founded by two young professionals who have spent more hours in hallways or stairwells, than we would like to admit. Why? So we could work or take phone calls in peace.

We were sure, that there’s a simple and affordable solution to this - turns out we were wrong.  We were always faced with a decision between affordability and comfort, which led us to our mission:

Create an affordable private space, that people actually want to use.

Quality where it matters most

We define quality not only in terms of materials, but as the customers satisfaction. We focus relentlessly on how customers use our products and what we can do to improve their experience even further.

When designing our products, we first identify what the essential functional aspects of the product are. Those essential aspects are where we choose not to compromise. They guide our focus, and drive us in continuing to develop products that people actually want to use.

Providing the most innovative companies with more space for ideas

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Betahaus | Neukölln

Harzerstraße 39, 12059 Berlin

Monday-Thursday    10am–4pm
Friday    10am-4pm
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About us

We engineer, design and build high-quality affordable office furniture to increase productivity of the humankind.


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