Persy ONE

Soundproof office phone booth

>35 dB noise reduction

Combination of 5 soundproofing elements

Sound-traps to limit any noise via ventillation channels

Recycled PET felt lining to absorb echos

Acoustic glass door

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Soundproofing the most innovative companies

How soundproof is Persy ONE?

Door open

Door closed

Loud open plan office?
Chances are you already need phone booths.

Constant phone calls

Employees always scramble to find a quiet place to talk. Some even leave the office just to have a phone call.

No free meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are frequently taken up by individuals on a call, leaving others with nowhere to hold their meetings.

Loud working environment

Constantly hearing phone calls and chatty colleagues around you can quickly distract you from the task at hand.

soundproof office phone booth

Persy ONE Phone Booth

The soundproof office phone booth designed with privacy at the core.

Soundproof Design

5 layers of soundproofing materials make sure your conversations stay yours.

Watch a video of the soundproofing test here

Over 25,000 Color Options

Customize the colors of the walls, door and door handle - for free.

Learn more about customization options here

Best-In-Class Ventilation

7 ultra-quiet fans keep you cool by moving fresh air into the booth, and warm air out

Unique Comforts

A spacious oak table, all the charging ports you need and an armrest keep you comfortable.

Persy Booths enables offices to increase employee well-being and productivity

Provide Privacy

Employees will not get frustrated by not finding a quiet space for their work or a phone call

Increase Productivity

Having quiet office spaces reduces distractions & stress, which increases productivity

Retain Talent

Removing noise pollution ensures that employees feel comfortable in their workplace & improve retention (by up to 16%- IZA)

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The average cost of building a single small room is €7,000. That's almost double the cost of Persy ONE.


Order as the need for silence emerges, customize to your office, get it delivered for free, build within 45 minutes.


Easily move it around the office as needed or disassemble Persy ONE & take it to your new office.

Soundproofing the most innovative companies

“Persy ONE booths are hands down the most used spaces in our offices. It’s occupied most of the day for having calls without creating noise in the office - people are loving it and can’t have enough.”

Sophie Wuensche, Office Manager at infarm

"Our meeting rooms were constantly occupied by people having calls. Persy Booths provided a great inexpensive & soundproof solution that people love to use, and our meeting rooms are free again."

David Nothacker, CEO at sennder

"I was sceptical about the effectiveness of Persy Booths given the loud office environment. Once we installed it in our offices, I was pleasantly surprised by how good & soundproof the products are! Our office space is much quieter."

Arne van Balen, CEO at Board of Innovation
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