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Do your booths include a chair?

Our booths do not come with a chair and can be used whilst standing.

We offer a bar-stool style chair in addition to our booths, or you can use any bar stool you prefer.

How do returns work?

You can return your product for a refund within 30 days of delivery - no questions asked.

We will only charge the return shipping.

Does Persy Booths offer a warranty?

Yes, our products come with a 2 year warranty, covering any defects that arise through normal use.

Should I be worried about formaldehyde in the wood Persy Booths uses?

All wood used in our products exceeds the highest formaldehyde standards (NAF).

How do I order?

Click here and follow our online ordering process for you to customize your Persy ONE.
Once you place your order, you will receive an invoice from us within the next working day.

What does Persy Booths do to be sustainable?

Click here and check out our sustainability efforts

Who can buy Persy ONE?

We sell exclusively to registered businesses.

Who is Persy Booths?

We are two young professionals that started Persy Booths out of frustration with the lack of private spaces in offices.

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What are the dimensions of the Persy ONE?

Exterior (L x W x H) [mm]: 1059 x 1096 x 2303
Interior (L x W x H) [mm]: 918 x 955 x 2157

You can find even more technical information about Persy ONE here.

How soundproof is Persy ONE?

Once the door is closed, any outside noises are as quiet as a whisper.

We use 5 layers of different soundproofing materials in our walls. Each of the materials absorb different frequencies of sound.

Find out more here

How well is Persy ONE ventilated?

Through using a total of 7 ultra-quiet fans, Persy ONE moves 200m3 of air through the phone booth every hour.  Each fan is as quiet as a whisper (19 dBa).

Our unique design, which actively removes warm air from the booth and actively pushes fresh air into the booth, makes sure there always is a breath of fresh air.

Whats on the inside of Persy ONE?

Inside Persy ONE you will find a spacious table, a comfortable armrest, a power outlet, 2 USB chargers, a stand for your mobile phone, bright LED lights, and best-in-class ventilation.

Basically, all you need to escape office madness andfocus on the task at hand.

How is Persy ONE assembled?

2 people, 45 minutes and a cross-head screwdriver is all you need to assemble Persy ONE.

An instruction manual and all other required materials are delivered with every Persy ONE. 

We also offer a service to assemble the booth in your office.

Which materials are used in Persy ONE?

Persy ONE predominantly uses recycled wood, recycled PET felt and glass. 

Feel free to get in touch at should you have any more questions.

Can I move Persy ONE around?

If you have hardwood or tiled floors, you can just put a moving-blanket underneath your Persy ONE and slide it to wherever you want.

Can I put Persy ONE on wheels?

Reach out to us at, and we can surely work something out.

Can I customize Persy ONE?

Yes, Persy ONE already allows you to customize the exterior wall, door and doorhandle colors, and optionally to add your company logo to the side walls of the booth.

You can customize your Persy ONE here

Should you want even further customizations, reach out to us at

What does the motion sensor do in Persy ONE?

Persy ONE uses a motion sensor to activate lights and ventilation as soon as anyone enters the phone booth.
The lights and ventilation turn off 8 minutes after the phone booth is left idle.

Which type of lights does Persy ONE use?

Persy ONE uses energy efficient LED lights, designed to provide a bright and natural looking light during video calls.

How much energy does Persy ONE consume?

Without any devices charging, Persy ONE consumes 30W when turned on.

How is the Wi-Fi and cellular coverage in Persy ONE?

We put special emphasis on using materials that do not block Wi-Fi or cell phone signals, so your reception in the booth is the same as it is in the office.


To where do you ship?

We offer free curbside delivery to the vast majority of the continental EU and ship to all the otherEU countries. 

Should you not be in the continental EU, reach out to us at and we will work on a solution for you.

How does the delivery of Persy ONE work?

We will provide you with a 2-3 day notice on when the delivery will take place. Your booth(s) will then be delivered to the main entrance of your office for free (curbside delivery).

Should you require a delivery service directly into your office reach out to us at and we will work on a special arrangement with you.

How does the assembly service work?

After your booth(s) have been delivered, one of our technician teams will come by and assemble the booths for you.

The assembly service does not include any substantial moving of the booths (for example to another floor), or assembling a  booth more than once.

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Email us at or call us at +49 172 2699644

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