We design and operate sustainably

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint every step of the way


When creating a booth, longevity is key.
We ensure that the product  is at its best quality and has the highest quality components that are easy to maintain.
Continous quality control and R&D
Mix of high quality materials to ensure the most durable product
Easy to fix and maintain the booth


Building any product has a tremendous impact on our environment. Selecting the right partners and materials can really make a difference. Vast majority of our materials and components are sourced from vetted partners across EU in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Wood and wood products

We use wood products that are composed of wood-mill byproducts,. Only a small fraction of the wood we use is hardwood to provide structure to our products. We ensure that any wood we use is FSC certified, toxic free & comes from traceable sources.

Soundproofing materials

We use multiple materials to soundproof our products. All of the materials used are either byproducts of other manufacturing industries or made from renewable sources.

PET felt

The felt lining the interior of the booth is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable material. It can be recovered and recycled into new products again and again, reducing the amount of resources wasted.

With every Persy Booth sold, we plant 10 trees

As our product has a high share of natural materials, we want to give back. We’ve partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED that plants trees all around the world. We’ll plant 10 trees for every booth we sell.

In cooperation with


We believe in transparency about the origin of our products.
Our products are designed and engineered in Berlin, Germany and manufactured in Poland and Lithuania.

Over 40 years of manufacturing and furniture R&D experience

Manufacturing processes adhere to strict ISO 9001 quality management standards

Manufacturing processes adhere to strict ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards

Rigorous Quality Assurance process for every product manufactured

Manufacturing facility inspected by Persy employees every 2 months

Conscious delivery

We put a great deal of efforts in finding the best way to deliver our products in the most conscious way for customers and environment
Our packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper
We ship our items flat to save space and reduce environmental impact
We offset CO2  for all the outbound logistics