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Do you offer a rental / financing option?

Reach out to us at, and we will work out a solution that works for you.

Persy ONE

Do I need to buy accessories for PersyONE?

No. Persy ONE comes with everything you need out of the box: A large table for all your things, charging ports, lights, ventilation. Optionally, we offer the Persy Chair for the PersyONE phone booth.

What are the dimensions of the Persy ONE?

Exterior (Depth x Width x Height) [mm]: 1050 x 1100 x 2300Interior (Depth x Width x Height) [mm]: 948 x 955 x 2157You can find even more technical information about Persy ONE here.

How soundproof is Persy ONE?

When you are in the booth, all surrounding noises will be toned down so you will no longer be distracted by them, and you won't have to worry about people on the outside listening in to your calls.

How well is Persy ONE ventilated?

PersyONE's unique ventilation system can replace the air inside the booth every 40 seconds. This will make sure there is always fresh air, even when the calls take a bit longer than planned.

Whats on the inside of Persy ONE?

PersyONE comes with a large spacious table, an integrated armrest, 2 electricity sockets, 2 USB-C charging ports, light and the motion sensor. Optionally available are LAN ports, the Persy Chair and the assembly service.

How is Persy ONE assembled?

Check out the video here (link).

Persy FOUR

Does Persy FOUR come with seating?

Yes, of course! It comes ready to be used comfortably out of the box. You can even choose the seating color.

Can I move PersyFOUR around once assembled?

Yes! PersyONE has integrated wheels. All you have to do is retract the legs of the booth using the 8 screws on the interior floor of PersyFOUR, and the phone booth becomes easy to push around.

Can I customize PersyFOUR?

Absolutely. You can choose from 3 standard colors and a wide selection of premium colors. Depending on your project, we can even offer to match your specific RAL color tone exactly.

Which type of lights does PersyFOUR use?

PersyFOUR uses an LED light with 4000k color temperature (ideal for video calls).

How much noise do the fans make ?

Each fan operates at 19dBa or less - thats as quiet as a whisper

What are the dimensions of the PersyFOUR?

Exterior (Depth x Width x Height) [mm]: 1430 x 2240 x 2300Interior (Depth x Width x Height) [mm]: 1270 x 2100 x 2157You can find even more technical information about PersyFOUR here.


Which areas does Persy Booths serve / ship to?

We serve most of Europe. You can see the regions we serve here

How long will shipping my order take?

Orders are shipped out within 6 weeks or less. It then takes us around 1 week to deliver it to your doorstep.

I've placed an order and am waiting for my booth to be delivered and assembled

If you have a question regarding your order, don't hesitate to reach out to us through the website chat, or

I've placed an order without the assembly service, how does the delivery work?

For PersyONE we will deliver the booth curbside to your office. The assembly instructions and tools are included. You can also use our video (link) as guidance for the assembly. If you've built an IKEA piece of furniture before, you are well equipped to build PersyONE. Just get an extra pair of hands to help you handle the parts.PersyFOUR cannot be ordered without the assembly service, as the assembly can be more complex and we want to make sure your PersyFOUR is built correctly.

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