Phone Booth

A soundproof booth to escape the office distractions.

€ 3,999

(excl. shipping & VAT)

A perfect space for phone calls,
video conferences and focused work

Delightful to use

Spacious table, comfortable arm rest and all the connectivity you need to stay powered up for work.

A perfect space for phone calls,
video conferences and focused work

Best-in-class ventilation

Powered by a unique ventilation design that actively feeds fresh air into the booth and extracts the warm air to keep you fresh.

A perfect space for phone calls,
video conferences and focused work

Unparalleled Soundproofing

5 layers of soundproofing metarials blocks the sounds entering and leaving the booth.

What’s Inside

An electricity outlet and 2 USB-C charging ports keep your
devices charged. LAN connections available.
Soundproof Walls
5 layers of soundproofing materials absorb and reflect different
sound frequencies, keeping your conversations private.
Magnetic Door
The magnetic door makes entering the phone booth
easy - even with your hands full.
Spacious Hardwood Table
An electricity outlet and 2 USB charging ports keep your devices charged.
Soundproof Glass
Two layers of glass laminated with an acoustic membrane,
designed specifically to limit sound entering or leaving the booth.
Motion Activated
Both the lights and ventilation automatically turn on as you
enter the booth, and turn off after you leave.
Integrated wheels
The booth can be moved around whenever you decide.
4 hidden wheels make it as easy to move as a shopping cart.
Best-in-class ventilation
7 ultra-quiet fans move fresh air in, and warm air out the phone booth
Echo Absorbing Felt
The felt finishing for the interior walls absorbs any echo
inside the phone booth.


Persy ONE uses a combination of 5 soundproofing elements, engineered to absorb sound from every angle.

5 layers of soundproofing materials inside the walls, each absorb and reflect different sound frequencies

Special sound-traps are used to limit the sounds entering and leaving through ventilation channels

2 layers of glass with an an acoustic laminate and a magnetic seal prevent sound leaks

The felt finishing for the interior walls absorbs any echo inside the phone booth


PersyONE Phone Booth uses unique ventilation system powered by 7 fans that replace the air inside of the booth every 40 seconds. Whether you’re inside for a short call or longer working session, you will always be refreshed.

By using both an Active Air Intake and Active Air Exhaust, fresh air is constantly circulated through the phone booth at up to 201.6 m3/h.
Powered by fans designed specifically for ultra-quiet operation. All fans operate at 19 dBa or less, making each of them as quiet as a whisper
The energy consumed by the ultra-quiet fans make them up to 8 times more energy efficient than traditional ventilation fans.


Through its user-centric design, the PersyONE Phone Booth provides a space your team will love to use.

A premium hardwood table provides generous space for laptops, notepads, coffee cups, chargers, phones and any other items you might bring.

Motion activated lights and ventilation makes it easy to just sit down and get started.

2 power sockets and 2 USB-C ports provide the connectivity to charge your devices during your stay. LAN connections available on request.

A unique table design with an armrest makes it easy to stay comfortable even when things take longer than expected.

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Choose from 3 standard colors or customize your PersyONE Phone Booth with one of our 27 premium finishes to fit your workspace perfectly.


Choose our add-ons to tailor PersyONE Phone Booth to your needs
Persy chair

Persy chair

Comfortable barstool chair with a backrest, matched to suit your PersyONE phone booth perfectly.
€ 179
LAN connection

LAN connection

A built-in LAN connection so your video calls can continue, even when the WiFi is down.
€ 199
Assembly service

Assembly service

White-glove assembly service makes sure your booths are delivered and assembled in your office, and that all the packaging materials are taken care of.
€ 299

The Specifications of Silence

5 layers of soundproofing
PET felt finishing
-35 db reduction
Power rating: 24W
Type: LED
Temperature: 4000K (Ideal for video calls)
Throughput: 201.6 m3/h
Noise level: 19 dBa
Connectivity (outside)
EU or UK Power Cable (3m)
C13 socket input (10A Fused). RJ45 LAN connection optional (Cat 5e FTP)
Connectivity (inside)
2 Electricity sockets (EU & UK sockets available).
2 USB-C Charging ports (15W single port ; 7.5W when using both ports).
RJ45 LAN connection optional (Cat 5e FTP)
Electric Consumption
Stand-by: 1W
Active: 30W
Max load: 10A
Persy ONE Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)
Exterior: 110cm x 105cm x 225cm
Interior: 94cm x 93cm x 205cm
Table: 32cm x 80cm x 4cm
Armrest: 50cm x 15cm x 4cm
Under 60 minutes self-assembly with 2 people following the assembly instructions (provided upon delivery). If you wish to have one of our teams assemble the booth for you, order an assembly service during check-out or email us at

Things you won't be hearing at our customers' offices

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“Hey, hold on a second, let me quickly find a space where I can speak.”
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“Ah, John is having a call in the meeting room. I guess let’s go outside for our one-on-one.”
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“I have a call in 10 minutes, so I’ll already go look for a place to have it in silence”

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